Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 Words Dane Dezellem

Curious, Selfish, Judgmental: Three words very important to the main character of our story, Coverdale. Coverdale gives us our insight into the depths of each character so his burning curiosity is very useful to us. There is no gain for him in any of the knowledge that he learns of each character, which is different than Westervelt’s reason for knowledge. Coverdale’s curiosity shows is the scene with Westervelt, Zenobia and Priscilla. This is quite comical because he is so offended that she will not allow him to continue his spying once found out. But still necessary because a more private and less curious person would not allow us to see some of the interactions that Coverdale seeks. Selfish plays another large role in our story, Coverdale shows proof of his selfishness when he seeks only to help Moodie if it is convenient to him, and when he finds himself tired of Blithedale so he takes a break from the hard work. I would go as far to say it is selfishness that causes Zenobia’s death! Coverdale admits a love for Priscilla and I believe that selfishness caused him not to act on it. He wanted her to come to him, because he is such a prize, and when she did not his own selfish pride would not allow him to go to her. This leaves room for Hollingsworth to fall for Priscilla and leave Zenobia alone and in enough pain to kill herself. Judgment plays its role through each character but I will focus on Coverdale because he believes that his judgment is the ultimate right and he knows more than everyone else. When speaking with Zenobia about her judgment of Hollingsworth, Coverdale jumps right one her side in agreement that he is a little speculative about Hollingsworth’s character. Yet when he can get out of lending assistance to Moodie, he puts his trust in Hollingsworth. And the whole time holds his true beliefs to himself, though they are no doubt true (in his perspective).

Sunday, January 17, 2010