Thursday, April 22, 2010

Creating a Wiki

Creating a wiki for the first time is a very time consuming process. I have taken simple technology classes that teach you to get things done, and to be creative in doing so. This helped me when creating the wiki. Often times when I highlighted text and then clicked the link button the system would not recognize the highlighted text. Because I was linking so many parts of the text I needed an efficient process to get it done quickly. Obviously if the system had recognized the highlighting that I was doing that would be the most efficient process, but in its place I had to highlight, copy, delete, link, then connect to a page, then paste, and click create link. This is a couple extra steps but it did get the job done. The extra work that went into creating the links to the different parts of the text is going to be worth it to those that visit the site. I think having the information in the wiki format is going to be really useful for our visitors.

A wiki is useful because it allows the author of the piece to be more active in what the reader takes in. I am able to give the reader the full text that shows them exactly how takes in. I am able to give the reader the full text that shows them exactly how the quotes I use are seen in the text. There are certain words that I use like nature and nurture that have specific meaning to my project. I like being able to take the reader to a page that gets more specific to what these words mean as pertaining to my project. Overall the wiki has been a good experience and a nice opportunity to learn how these things are put together.

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  1. I am glad that you were able to get the wiki to work for you and can see its usefulness as a way to analyze texts.